On Thursday I awoke to a text message from my collegue Ken Lawrence, a designer currently based in Birmingham, telling me that our FAVE off the wall, most innovative, and creative designer Alexander McQueen had passed away. It's so wierd because we were just talking about McQueen's scarves and how much we loved them the night before.
 No words could explain the feeling I had upon hearing this....I was truly shocked! Knowing that he was definitely one of the only designers left in my opinion who ::REALLY:: took chances and was basically ::EXTRA:: in all that he did! Ken is really inspired by Alexander McQueen and I dedicate this post to him and the late designer.

Alexander McQueen RTW Fall 2003

McQueen for Givenchy Couture Spring 1997

Many blessings and prayers are with him.
images: wwd.com

Though I am saddened by this loss, I am happy to announce and proclaim
success for the House of Devinci. On February 21, 2010 Ken Lawrence will be holding a viewing for his Spring Collection at the Downtown Wine Loft. It's going to be night to remember.

 SO...if you are in or around the Birmingham area be sure to make an
 appearance and be on your best dressed behavior because I am!
 Also there will be a few jewelry pieces featured that night so stay tuned!

Here is a piece previously featured by House of Devinci
Styled by Jason Bolin