I mean...you will never know how it fits until you try it on...
 Hmm, I don't know about that...

Are you sure you wanna get that??

Boo, NO!!!!

That's not cute... 

Phrases like the ones above are heard all the time by our friends, family, and the most fashionable.
 It is up to you as an individual to take the criticism
and either listen to it or throw it out the window...
I recently heard the "I don't really like that" phrase when I showed my friend the bag in the pics above. Sometimes, it's hard for people to hear the nay-sayers comment about things you do but as long as you know what you are doing EVERYONE will stop and stare, regardless of their reason!
 Style is personal. Lets keep it that way!
 I love my bag and it was only $10.00!!!!

::Blazer-Vintage, Specs-F21, The Bag-Ross, Wedges-Aldo::



Anonymous said...

First let me say you are a phenomenal beautiful young woman. You are so gifted with creativity, and has an Eagle's eye for High Fashion and Style. Eagle's eye is very keen and sharpe. You will style many wellknown greats. Yey!!!!!! God bless

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