::The Masters::


::Blazer, Belts-Vintage, Skirt-F21, Pumps-Rock & Republic::

Apparently when you wear a green blazer you are a target for the
"Did you win the Masters?" joke...lol
That was the joke/question for the night, I thought it was pretty funny
once I found out what the Masters was...I had no idea I was fashionably sporty

I dont watch Golf but #shoutout to Phil Mickelson who won the 2010 Masters



DOM P~ said...

you're a winner!

Mr.Harris said...

Thats a very stylish way to where your masters Jacket...I have a green jacket also what suggestions can you give a guy to rock it and it not seem likes its tooo much going on.

Robyn said...

Lol, no way. Your jacket is MUCH more stylish than the Master's jacket. My dad watches golf like crazy, and I walked through the living room during the jacket ceremony... I burst out laughing and said, "So he wins the Master's and his reward is the world's ugliest jacket??? HARSH."


My dad was not amused. ;-) Lol. Love this outfit; you're mixing colors with the pros here. SO cute.