::The Yard::

Spent the weekend on the Campus of Champions. These pics are just just me hanging out
at various places on the yard of the University of Alabama where the
Spring Scrimmage game was held. Tons of fun!!!


Mii outside of the Sorority House

Outside the stadium posing with "The Bear"

The Strip...A College student's best friend

::Tank & Skirt-Rachel Roy, Frames-F21, Sandals & Turquoise Ring-CR::



the Writer said...

This post is very nice and the photography is GREAT, especially the picture of the AKA pin. Keep up the great work! Love the blog!

Abel said...

Another impressive post.. But where's the occasional male model counterpart? Just let me know when.. lol

Tanekia said...

LOVED your outfit for A-day! Everything was sick, especially the necklace! Great job, Krystle...I'm so proud of you!!!