::Retrospective Ego - Cars::

In continuation of my previous post, here is Part 2 of my interview
with Erika Walton of Alter Ego Jewelry!

MirrorCheck: How does it make you feel when you see Alter Ego in publications like WWD and ELLE; not to mention gracing the hands of Hollywood’s most elite? …Not to name drop here but Paris Hilton!
ERIKA: It's exciting and I appreciate the support I receive from everyone to help make Alter Ego By Erika Walton such a success!

 MirrorCheck: Will Alter Ego ever become a “trendy” brand?
ERIKA: I have no clue! I guess we will all wait and see...

MirrorCheck: How would you describe a “Mirror Check”?
ERIKA: It's when you are walking out the door and you turn to the mirror because you feel naked and missing a part of you. You see your reflection and that you're missing Alter Ego Jewelry By Erika Walton, but wait you are saved just run back to your room and put on a piece!

MirrorCheck: Where can we buy Alter Ego Jewelry?
ERIKA: Make purchases on the fabulous site of Alter Ego Jewelry and even better we will have a brand new site in a month! Add us on Facebook and Twitter

::Printed top-F21, Shorts-Thrifted, Shoes-Urban Outfitters, Bracelet-Alter Ego Jewelry::

In this post I'm wearing the "Vintage Car Crash Bracelet"

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and learning about Alter Ego.
Be sure to check her website out to see if there is something that suits your fancy!

Erika Walton of Alter Ego Jewelry has been ::MirrorChecked::
...Who's next?!



The Jilted Lovers said...

That car bracelet is so cool and funky! I dig your denim shirt too!