::Blazer & Belt-F21, Pants&Broach-Thrifted, Pumps-Bakers::

It's always exciting to see something you work hard on and put time and effort into,
exceed your expectations when manifested. I wore this outfit when went to see my sister perform at
her dance recital and was completely blown away. Definitely fell in love with dance all over again. I am so happy that everyone is accepting ::Mirrorcheck:: for who she is and me for who I am. I want everyone to keep visiting and be inspired! Being stylish is not all about how long it takes you complete an outfit. It all comes down to how you pull it off & how confident you are.
People respect that so much.



Dip-tea said...

you are gorgeous! love the outfit!

Fede said...

Really love this look!

Jessi Monique said...

i love it all! what thrift stores do u got to? i need to go!

Victoria said...

ahhhh!!!! i fukkin luv this!!!!!!

Fancy Pants said...

Just found your blog. These yellow pants are A-MAZING. You rocked them.