I was recently contacted to be a Brand Ambassador for SWAY, a new Fashion Community that allows its members to be the designer and the buyer of the SWAY brand.
Featured in ELLE, VOGUE, and now MIRRORCHECK...Sway has its seal of approval!

Honestly you can't get any better than this!!
So Sway with Mii as I give you the scoop on this wonderful experience!

Each day Sway will present to its members (Join Here) a variety of dress designs; and here's what! If you join, you will get to critique and vote on the looks that are more appealing to you!
The looks that obtain the most votes will then be produced by SWAY and will be available for 24-hours at wholesale price for you as member to purchase! Amazing right!?! I know, I know
...BUT once the 24-hour period has ended, the looks will be sold at full retail price.
With that being said, JOIN NOW to become a member! 

Use my links and you will get a $10 gift certificate to spend when the site launches AND when one of your friends makes their first purchase, you will get a free dress on Sway!! :)

Whether out for Brunch, Church, Sorority Rush, Date Night, Party, or a Stroll in the Park a SWAY dress will always come in handy!

The Sway community will launch this Fall!!!

Check out this video of Photographer Kyle Johnson as he shoots the looks in the pic above.