::Shorts-DIY, Belt-Vintage, Pumps-Harajuku Lovers::

I was so excited when I got these pumps a few months ago. This is my first time wearing them, and
I won't be wearing them much either because the white portion is canvas
...ahhhh well at least they are a nice sight to see! 

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RMC said...

hey krystle! i love, love, love your shorts. you said they were DIY. how did you make them?

KrystleMichelle said...

::Shorts DIY::

Really really easy...something my cousins and I did all the time when we were younger.

I wanted white shorts that had an old school feel so I went to the thrift, found a pair of regular white jeans and started cutting.

::Cut the pants leg around mid thigh

::Make a slit on the outside of each opening

::Fold up to desired length

See Easy! :o)

Jessi Monique said...

once again, i love everything you have on! amazing!

akaCola said...

love love LOVE your shirt and those heels are fierce!! lovely outfit!

latoya said...

Cute fit. I love it