::ART and LIFE::

Self-proclaimed to be "The Fresh Kept Secret",
Art & Life Clothing Company based in Atlanta, GA is just that!

I have been able to snag a sneak peek at their Fall 2010 Collection and I can't wait to see more.

::Little Black Velvet Dress::

::The Elephant Print Dress::

~On Her~
::Sequin Evening Dress::

~On Him~
::The Contour Extended Collar Wind Breaker::

::The Draped Jumpsuit::
  I love the ::Shouldertude:: I'm getting from this jumpsuit.

It's always refreshing to come across new designers
 who are young, passionate about their work, and actually making moves.

Be sure you check out Art & Life Clothing Company online.
For up to date happenings on A&L follow them twitter!



D said...

A&L is the ___ FR3SH!! =) Keep grinding; it WILL pay off!!

Love from GA,
Ms. D. Myers