::Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs::


::Cheetah Blouse-Mom's Vintage, Black Jumpsuit-F21, Assorted Accessories, Shoes-Aldo::

I think I have a major obsession with animal print.
It has definitely been a staple in at least four of my outfit posts to date.
...it never goes out of style, and when worn the right way,
 animal print can give any ensemble pressure!

My animal inspired outfit features a Cheetah printed blouse, Tiger face medallion
 necklace, and a Zebra head bracelet...yeah I'm wearing pieces inspired by three different animals,
but there is only one dominant; the others are subtle compliments. 
Oh yeah for those who don't know, the plant in the pic above is an Elephant Ear plant.
How convenient for this post!



Fauxshionable said...

I love the very last photo the best - you look like a goddess!

akaCola said...

love love LOVE your shoes and that cheetah blouse!! and dont worry we have a crazy obsession with animal print too, preferably leopard print :)