:: In The Mirror | Fhonia Ellis ::

  Designer and creative mind behind Rebirth Designs, Fhonia Ellis is "In The Mirror"

That's Fhonia in the purple dress! Love Her!!

I first saw Fhonia on Facebook and I became quite intrigued by her personal style. 
Fhonia describes her style as vintage, sexy, futuristic, edgy, and girly.

:: The Designer ::

Fhonia is from Louisville, Kentucky and has been designing apparel & accessories for 7 years.
She usually creates her ideas for new garments and accessories from her own style. She says, "My collections actually match me to a tee. In one word, free. I love to dress based on how I feel".

:: The Collection ::

I asked Fhonia about her clothing line and how she derived the name of "Rebirth" and her answer
 completely blew me away. "I came about the name of my line, REBIRTH, through life. I went through a lot of pain, hardship and felt like my back was against the wall. After all I went through, God blessed me enough to make it to the other side. I was a new person in Him. I was free, had freedom, and the old me died...". Absolutely poweful, there's no better feeling in the world than knowing who you really are. I must agree that no other explaination or word could have better described a change like that.

A woman who wears REBIRTH is fearless and free, very confident, and not afraid to stand out in a crowd...a trendsetter. I love Fhonia's attention to detail and her ability to work with patterned fabrics. As a designer who constructs all of her garments and accessories herself I must say that she is doing an AMAZING job. I believe I'm totally biased to her use of mosaic mirror chips on her clothing. Her eye for creating intricate patterns from those little mirror pieces is just mind blowing.

:: Pressing Forward ::

I feel that location is everything depending on your goals in the fashion industry, and Fhonia has a similar take on it. "Louisville is not a city known for fashion so [being here] it has had some affect on business. My mind is so far out there and Louisville, I feel, is not ready for what lies inside of me", she says. Fhonia has made a decision to relocate to better herself as a designer and to expose herself to new cultures for inspiration, which is a great idea!


I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know more about Fhonia Ellis and her clothing line.
Be sure to check out her website  www.fhoniaellis.com where you
 can purchase the garments above!
She's also on twitter @DESIGNSBYFHONIA



Christy said...

So much fun! I can see Nicki Minaj wearing all of it. Definitely going to check out her website and refreshing to see a southern designer doing something besides the preppy, traditional look although there is certainly room for both.