:: Off-white suiting paired with a touch of red, accessorized in Swarovski jewels, & Cynthia Rowley shades ::

"Ferocia Coutura is that inner diva that everyone has, no matter what size you are or what style you may currently possess." -- Christian Siriano from his book "Fierce Style"

(On Right) A selection of Christian Siriano's Spring 2012 Collection

Being the only person at this event who was dressed in an off-white ensemble, I caught Christian's eye and was asked by him if he could take a picture of me on his personal phone. FAB! I wish you guys could see all the people behind him who were looking as shocked as I was feeling LOL. Gotta love favor!
Christian Siriano & I

 Gus Mayer held its 2nd Annual "Gus Mayer Goes Pink" Fashion Show on Tuesday night benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. This year featured Christian Siriano's Spring 2012 collection recently shown at NYFW. Let me just say attending this show was well worth it! I saw his collection via video on style.com after its debut, but nothing can compare to actually seeing it in person. Simply amazing! The event was very well put together, and it was quite refreshing to be around sooo many people who understand "real" fashion. My outfit for the night was definitely a hit. I have been wanting to do a full suited look like this for a while now. So glad I chose that night to wear it...Having my picture taken by Christian Siriano wasn't all that bad either ;-) 



Sunday I had the pleasure of providing my styling skills to Priya Mittlemark of Puppy Luv Glam. She has designed a line of girls clothing from newborn to juniors sizes with her love for dogs in mind. Providing styles like tees, tanks, dresses, thermals, and hoodies there is something for every girl.

Priya is inspired by her philanthropic endeavors in animal rescue, hence the idea for an insignia of a puppy gracing the front of every item crowned in light pink Swarovski crystals with the tag line "Spoiled and fabulous". I will say that working with 12 kids, having multiple dogs on set AND in the shot was challenging, but I prevailed and I sooo enjoyed this experience. The set was AMAZING! We were at this old log cabin home turned modern chic. Chandeliers, different color rooms, four floors, the wooden impressions in the doors gave the home a fabulous feel. Overall it was an excellent experience. :)




::Vintage blouse, Vintage Bill Blass scarf, Flares, & Aldo wedges::

Hey guys! I had the most amazing time last night at Gus Mayer Goes Pink. I'll have a post later in the week with details on my experience, until then check me out on twitter @KrystleMii where you can see tweets of my outfit from last night. Anybody seen PA3? I did Friday and it wasn't better than PA2 to me...just my opinion. Later!!!




:: Blazer - Ann Taylor, Blouse - Vintage Eva Laurel, Shoes - Vintage Keds Essentials (1980s) ::

It's amazing to me how the weather can have the craziest mood swings. 
Monday it was hot, last night it rained for like ten minutes, and today I felt like needed on a wool coat. Seriously, I swear it's a gamble everyday when trying to find something to wear...
Anyway, I don't want to bore you guys with words so I'm out.






After a day of work at d'Trespa Consignment & Vintage Boutique, I decided to capture a small glimpse of the type of items we have in our vintage section. We have everything vintage you can think of, REALLY. I'm talking patterns, housewares, books, accessories, shoes, and of course clothes.

From Right to left, top to bottom...
Two fans in front of a pie cabinet
Sculpted art on a wall mirror
Horses on a purse
Assorted books
Print on a blouse
Rotary dial phone
1941 mixed drink book
Cupcake & candy cardigan
Signed artwork created from vintage elements

I just want you guys to know that those vintage Paris Vogue magazines are EVERYTHING
on the inside! Anywho, visit our Etsy shop "d'Vintage" by clicking here. If you have any questions about the items above or on the Etsy site, feel free to email me! krystlemichelle@mirrorcheck.com 




Wow! It's been a month...long time no post huh. I've been putting my energy towards other things the last two months, and I'm pretty happy with myself right now. SO, back to posting I go. I hope everyone has a blessed week! Oh and don't judge me...the last pic is for my mom! She requested a silly pose from me in this post so that's what I came up with. Lol Later guys!




Zoe Saldana is so amazing. I've been a fan of hers since Center Stage, which happens to be one of my fave movies! Anyway, I took a few pics before I went to see Columbiana. I really enjoyed her role and the story line. It made me think to myself, 'Is revenge really THAT sweet?'.
I would have to say, no...




As bright as it is, I swear it was way too hot for this outfit yesterday. It may look cool, as in temp, but it wasn't. Anywho, every where I went someone was commenting on the color combo. In my house the shirt was like a coral melon color, but in the sun I guess it looked bright pink.
I didn't mean to wear pink and green on purpose. *shrug* Maybe it's just in my blood.
I have to say that I'm not a fan taking pictures of myself, but this will just have to work. I'm trying to become more sufficient, so that I can take more pics to post on here, but umm yeah...I tried y'all. Lol It was late and hot outside too...don't get me started on the struggle. Enjoy... :-)




I took a plain white Banana Republic button down and glammed it
up by adding an assortment of buttons found at Michael's.
It's amazing the things you can do when you're trying to avoid buying clothes...
I don't make clothes, I manipulate them.


:: DUO ::


Joan Smalls and Hailey Clauson for Vogue Paris by Josh Olins. Wardrobe styling by Veronique Didry. Joan and Hailey are wearing Celine, Thomas Wylde, Louis Vuitton, and David Yurman to name a few. The perfect combination of sexy, style, allure, and attitude...the last photo says it all!