When I think of Spring and Summer, fur of any kind is no where near my wardrobe. The bright neon colored fur stoles in Prada's Spring/Summer 2011 collection are super odd for the season and that is what makes them soo cute! They have already been seen on magazine editors, and even Marc Jacobs...kinda makes me wonder though,  if they are braving the cold weather with them now, will they be wearing them this spring??...Would you?

:: Moment 4 Life ::


I love this video and I believe everyone can relate to this song. We all long for that one special moment where we feel so happy beyond measure about a dream manifesting, a new relationship, etc...Can't wait for my moment!




Denisa Dvorakova by Jason Schmidt 
 Styled by Olga Dunina
 Vogue Russia February 2011
images: fashiongonerogue.com

I absolutely love this! Combines my two loves: Fashion and Dance!



Spring 2011 - COLOR BLAST

From left to right:
Alexandre Herchcovitch, Jill Sander, Lanvin, and Rachel Roy
images: style.com

One of the leading trends for Spring 2011 is COLOR!
 Yes, of course we expect to see color at the turn of Spring, but these collections
are giving us more vibrant electrifying hues which I am excited about! 
Lots of red, hot pink, and purple flowy garments.
I can't wait for spring...I'm sooo over heavy coats and all these freakin layers to keep warm.



Here are pics from a shoot I styled in Atlanta last month.


Anna Bradfield

Wardrobe Stylist
 Krystle Michelle

Photographer * Hair * Make-Up
 My Nguyen of MYNX Photography

Swimwear Designs
Robert Carter

I really enjoyed working with these two ladies. The energy on set was great and I love
the finished product! Anna is AMAZING! Her face is everything!
She was a contestant on Cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model...that's pretty awesome!
Be sure to check out My's Facebook page for more of her photography!
And of course for styling inquries please email me!

Real Model.Real Style.Real Photography.


:: Spring MAN ::


V Man takes a look at spring trends in their latest issue.

Kai Z Feng

Vladimir Ivanov
Christian Plauche
Reid Prebenda

Fashion Editor/Stylist:
Tom Van Dorpe

Hair Stylist:
Sarah Sibia

Makeup Artist:
Benjamin Puckey



I'm looking to purchase a new Polaroid instant camera and while I was searching,
I came up on the new Gaga-Polaroid collabo. I believe it was last year when I had heard that Lady Gaga was going to be working with Polaroid on the redesign of the instant camera.
 Not sure if you guys are into finding out about new gadgets and what not,
but I'm sure you will find this interesting in some kind of way.

Grey Label by Haus of Gaga

Gaga and Polaroid have released a mobile printer, glasses that protect your eyes from the sun and most importantly serve as a camera, and a newly redesigned instant camera (MUCH sleeker).
Lady Gaga said inspiration for the sunglasses came from a pair of glasses she used once on the Fame Ball tour. They were made of iPod screens that she strung together; done so she could play videos. She wondered if they were actually functional...I guess they are now. 

Would you guys purchase these? They are definitely cool...no doubt about that!
I wouldn't mind having a pair just to see how they work...



I heard earlier this week that Nick Minaj was going to be
the cover girl for issue 69 of V Magazine.
I knew the pics from her spread would be out shortly after since the issue just hit newsstands.
Here it is...

Ok...when I saw the cover, I thought the spread was going to be a bit more subtle. I was so surprised to see this type of creativity shown on her. Idk how I feel about it, but I should have known that V wasn't going to go just "normal" with her. I'm definitely going to buy the issue to read the story; maybe the editorial has some kind of correlation with it...after all it is "The Discovery Issue". 
What do you guys think?



Got home after church Sunday and decided to take a few pics,
but didn't have anyone to take them.
For the first time, I tried taking pictures of myself using the little timer thing on my camera.
Here's how the pics came out....

Not too bad huh?? lol
This dress is thrifted, but it was quite long so I got it shortened.
It came with all the shoulder action so I didn't have to add any. ;)




Gisele Bundchen for Vogue China February 2011 by Patrick Demarchelier

Styled by by Nicoletta Santoro

Loving the mix of femme and homme.


:: WILL YOU ::

One of my friends invited me out for dinner Friday night. I was excited because she had just shared with me the news of her engagement! Soo here I am thinking we were going to have a nice dinner together and discuss her wedding plans....Yeah we did but there was a little surprise waiting for me and eight of her other friends once we arrived... :)

Of course I said YES! I'm so happy for her!!!!!!
And I get to style her and the bridal party! It's going to be FAB!

Here's what I wore that night...if I would have known I was going to be receiving such
fantastic news I would have dressed differently. :(


:: Dear ASHLEY ::


Dear Ashley, I love your gap...


:: IMAGE ::

Hey guys! I have been in Atlanta since Thursday for business and pleasure. Now that I'm finally home to a stable internet connection, I can post my New Year's Eve pics! :)

What's a NYE outfit without glitz, Glam, and MIRRORS!!!?

My dress is by Fhonia Ellis, the latest designer I featured in an ::In The Mirror:: post.
When I first saw this dress I knew had to wear it for New Years! Thanks FHONIA!!!
Baker's shoes, Suede clutch from Aldo, and Swarovski Hyacinth Blue Ring.

ALSO, I know I had asked for you guys to submit photos of your NYE outfits, but somehow when I thought I saved them to my phone when I was out of town they actually didn't save :( and on top of that I deleted the emails ugh! Don't worry there will be more opportunites in the near future, but I really do appreciate those who submitted photos.

Happy New Year!!!!