I'm looking to purchase a new Polaroid instant camera and while I was searching,
I came up on the new Gaga-Polaroid collabo. I believe it was last year when I had heard that Lady Gaga was going to be working with Polaroid on the redesign of the instant camera.
 Not sure if you guys are into finding out about new gadgets and what not,
but I'm sure you will find this interesting in some kind of way.

Grey Label by Haus of Gaga

Gaga and Polaroid have released a mobile printer, glasses that protect your eyes from the sun and most importantly serve as a camera, and a newly redesigned instant camera (MUCH sleeker).
Lady Gaga said inspiration for the sunglasses came from a pair of glasses she used once on the Fame Ball tour. They were made of iPod screens that she strung together; done so she could play videos. She wondered if they were actually functional...I guess they are now. 

Would you guys purchase these? They are definitely cool...no doubt about that!
I wouldn't mind having a pair just to see how they work...



akaCola said...

We saw those glasses recently and thought yea those are really cool but we wonder how well do they work :) we want some to try for ourselves!