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Hey guys! I have been in Atlanta since Thursday for business and pleasure. Now that I'm finally home to a stable internet connection, I can post my New Year's Eve pics! :)

What's a NYE outfit without glitz, Glam, and MIRRORS!!!?

My dress is by Fhonia Ellis, the latest designer I featured in an ::In The Mirror:: post.
When I first saw this dress I knew had to wear it for New Years! Thanks FHONIA!!!
Baker's shoes, Suede clutch from Aldo, and Swarovski Hyacinth Blue Ring.

ALSO, I know I had asked for you guys to submit photos of your NYE outfits, but somehow when I thought I saved them to my phone when I was out of town they actually didn't save :( and on top of that I deleted the emails ugh! Don't worry there will be more opportunites in the near future, but I really do appreciate those who submitted photos.

Happy New Year!!!!



Call Me Alisha ッ said...

girl you look HOT..!! on fire..!

Anonymous said...

you look very glamorous, love the hair!

LoveNWright said...

Okay, so...this dress has me with a jaw dropped!! The asymmetrical feel the exposed back - WURK!

hair .|. finance .|. womanhood

Elijah said...

OUCH..you killing it KM

Ms Finn said...


Anonymous said...

Okay see that is how you start your year! Hot!


Shop It To Me said...

This dress is FABULOUS! Looking glamorous as ever -- love it.

xx Shop It To Me

Anonymous said...

I really want that dress..how much?

Tiffanie M. said...

I was looking for a dress like this for New Year's!! Something that just said, "Yes, I'm the ish and I know it!!" You look AMAZING!