I heard earlier this week that Nick Minaj was going to be
the cover girl for issue 69 of V Magazine.
I knew the pics from her spread would be out shortly after since the issue just hit newsstands.
Here it is...

Ok...when I saw the cover, I thought the spread was going to be a bit more subtle. I was so surprised to see this type of creativity shown on her. Idk how I feel about it, but I should have known that V wasn't going to go just "normal" with her. I'm definitely going to buy the issue to read the story; maybe the editorial has some kind of correlation with it...after all it is "The Discovery Issue". 
What do you guys think?



Karma Devyne said...

I love it. It never cease to amaze me how whatever it is that she does, there is always a twist, whether big or little, that makes it so her. I have yet to be disappointed by anything that she's done & I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of her articles, photos, music & more.

Christy said...

I love the cover, she looks beautiful and her makeup is perfect.

I'm not too fond of the face paint pictures but I find the other ones interesting.

So Sincere. said...

I love it. Nicki is bananas.