I recently had the opportunity to ask the creatives behind this amazing brand a few questions about the new lookbook for their collection of clothing and accessories! I was first introduced to the brand by following them on Twitter when I saw an "RT" of a ring they had made. From there I went to their blog and fell in love! These ladies had three different personal styles that I found to be very intriguing and I wanted to learn more. As I read through their blog I noticed that they didn't have an online store at the time so I was a little bummed that I couldn't purchase anything, but I still liked seeing their new posts on their blog about what they were wearing and had been working on.

Since then the ladies of NINETEENTWENTYNINE have a new lookbook entitled "Jones to the Rhythm" including go to dresses, separates that can be pieced together to make outfit magic, and super cute accessories. They have also opened an online store to allow everyone to purchase their products whether you live in an area where a boutique sells their goods or not.

Aljaira, Jasmine, and Alma are the ladies behind NINETEENTWENTYNINE. Building their own formula for fashion in Los Angeles, California these ladies have charm, class, are empowering, and have humor that is very refreshing.

Here's what they had to say about themselves, ENJOY!! :)

Alma: We like to think of ourselves as a collective, like a trinity: Three ladies who share the same passion towads the development and execution of our dream. We’ve molded NINETEENTWENTYNINE into brand that represents our diversity and one that has a distinct point-of-view.

Jasmine: Yeah, the element of point-of-view is extremely important, we think as designers it’s crucial to be distinct. We started designing clothes because we really felt like we had a visual story to tell. We ALWAYS dressed and styled ourselves in a way that was organically our own and when our friends and family started to notice, we were encouraged. We got sewing machines, taught ourselves, and started sewing our earliest collections.

Aljaira: With the accessories, we just started exploring and came up with accessories that we wanted to wear and people were responsive to it. That’s fueled us to keep creating for the love of it and for the love we receive. Alma and Jasmine love sketching and designing the clothes, and I found a niche with jewelry making so it’s allowed me to explore a hidden talent.

Q. Which came first, the accessories or the clothes?

Alma: The clothing came first, but I have to say the accessories have really been an amazing addition to our bag of tricks. We love designing both and being able to do both is sooooo doooope.

Aljaira: Alma and Jazz got together one night just to make jewelry for our look book, and it’s been a wrap ever since.

Jasmine: Now Jaira can’t stop coming up with new ideas and makes a new piece like every week!

Q. Where did the inspiration behind your latest Lookbook “Jones to the Rhythm” come from?

Jasmine: GRACE JONES! Literally following the beat of your own drum, re-inventing oneself and pushing forward while inspiring others to breakout as well. We are heavily influenced by music as well, she has a song titled “jones the rhythm” and we sorta pulled from there.

Alma: It’s the same thing with “The Love Movement” collection. It’s in reference to the Tribe Called Quest album, which really inspired us and set the tone for us. Everything forms itself around our ideas: the initial spark feeds into the design, then into the styling, and then the overall presentation.

Q. Who wears Nineteentwentynine?

Jasmine: Foremost WE wear NINETEENTWENTYNINE, and we each have very different ideas in regards to style, but it goes back to distinction and creating pieces that really can transcend those differences in taste and style. Ladies who understand that understand us.

Q. What is the significance behind the phrase, “Rise In Love”.

Aljaira: To “Rise in Love”, means to be able to elevate yourself without pulling others down. It’s all about respecting each other’s existence and what gifts and talents we each have to share with our community and the world.

Q. Being women of different ethnicities, do you ever fuse your racial backgrounds into the creation of your products?

Jasmine: Most definitely we do, we are women of color and we love embracing that, I think it’s evident in everything we do. In “Jone’s to the Rhythm,” there are cultural elements that shoot right across each of us. In “The Love Movement” as well, there was juxtaposition between our model and the styling: reminiscent of a modern revolutionary.

Alma: For sure, the style of Che Guevara, the Panthers… revolutionaries always have great style.

Q. What was your most recent accomplishment as designers?

Aljaira: Anytime anyone shows us love, it’s a major accomplishment for us. Opportunities to build and connect with others are major accomplishments as well, cuz there’s nothing like growing with like-minded people.

Jasmine: I second that emotion, ha!

Q. What’s next for Nineteen29?

Alma: Growth, really getting the chance to show how much range we can offer our peeps.

Aljaira: Continuing to build what we’ve started to and ultimately develop into an undeniably- talented brand.

Jasmine: Giving back is on our agenda too, in any way, shape, or form we can!


I really enjoyed interviewing these ladies and I hope you all enjoyed getting to know them as designers!

Please make sure you check out their website www.nineteentwentynine.com
Also visit their blog, and follow them on twitter@Nineteen29.