I hate it when I hardly ever have time to take good pics, and then I get stuck with random pics that don't relate...Oh well. I went out to dinner with my fam on Thursday and wore this really casual outfit. The cat you see in the pics belongs to my neighbor. I'm wearing Aldo shoes, thrifted pants and earrings, a ring I made, F21 top, and a jacket I've had for a while so I can't remember where I got it from. On my wrist I have a prayer box charm bracelet that I have been wearing everyday, I even have a little prayer inside of it. On my nails I'm wearing China Glaze "Broken Hearted" from the Crackle collection, over a plain white polish, and I love it! While talking about the crackle/shatter nail trend, I do have the OPI "Black Shatter" from the Katy Perry collection, but I love the fun colors that China Glaze has come out with much better. I recommend giving it a try!



Cheryl-Ann Charles said...

I just had to comment on how beautiful you are! Gorgeous!

Love the blog...Thanks for the comment ( now following)


TheFashionAddict said...

love your outfit!!


Mrs. Me aka PrettyMe said...

the pink over white is too cute! I have on gold over opi black shatter.

Monroe Steele said...

Gorgeous..lol i love your earrings and that ring too. I really like your style girlie!

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Cute outfit
I have the shatter but i am DEFINITELY tempted to try the Chinaglaze colors too... Lol i'm trying to hold out

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Christina of Profresh Style said...

My best girl has those wedges! Super cute and I wanted those too. They hardly carry a size 41 in the store. BUMMER. Love your steez girl, totally works<3


Krystle Michelle said...

Thanks everyone!!! xoxo

Lorna "Lolo" Finn said...

I just did a blog post on the shatter collection from OPI but has NO IDEA about the china glaze collection!!! Thank you so much for that info....I absolutely love your style miss...fascinating!!!