My friend's dog Asher decided to join me in my pics.
He's soooo sweet, and he just loves being around me!!



Christy said...

Your outfit is really on point but what I really love is your hair!

Chic Therapy said...

you look so gorgy!loves the skirt!White never looked so good.

Cali Shabazz said...

Love this look as well as ur cute doggie! :)


Krystle Michelle said...

Thanks ladies! How cool all of your names start with a "C"! :D

Amaka said...

Your styling from the chunky necklace, high socks, & killer shoes screams Tyra Banks FIERCE!

Bald Heads & Platforms

agnes said...

super look, j'aime, ton top léopard, et ta jupe blanche sont sublimes.
Très jolies photos

Superblondeep said...

hi! nice blog! you are in my favourites list´s blogs! thanx for your comment on my blog, follow me please! would be an honor...:)


Monroe Steele said...

WOW..girl you are gorgeous. I love that necklace and the skirt too. Your blog is awesome. I am following you! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Visit me again soon!

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Christina of Profresh Style said...

You're gorgeous! You're like the perfect mix of Amerie & Aaliyah. Work it girl! xx

Krystle Michelle said...

Thanks Ladies!!! :D I'll be visiting you all soon!