:: WiTH LoVE ::


I was recently gifted by NINETEENTWENTYNINE for featuring them in my ::In The Mirror:: series. The earrings I'm wearing are two different sets. I paired the "Exotic Feather Earring" on the left with one earring from another set the ladies custom made for me. I am so in LOVE with these earrings! I just want to thank Jasmine, Alma, and Aljaira for their sweet gesture!!



Monroe Steele said...

That blue earring is amazeballs...the heels..amazing...the jeans...fabulous...dangit i love this whole ensemble.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Thaddeus said...

Insanely Sexy Ms. Griggs!

TheFashionAddict said...

that earring is so cool!!


t_Q_h said...

I love it Krystle...From Head to toe sis!!

Christy said...

Love the color of the shirt, such a great contrast to the turquoise blue feather.

Rose from Rosedale said...

in love with this look!!!