As bright as it is, I swear it was way too hot for this outfit yesterday. It may look cool, as in temp, but it wasn't. Anywho, every where I went someone was commenting on the color combo. In my house the shirt was like a coral melon color, but in the sun I guess it looked bright pink.
I didn't mean to wear pink and green on purpose. *shrug* Maybe it's just in my blood.
I have to say that I'm not a fan taking pictures of myself, but this will just have to work. I'm trying to become more sufficient, so that I can take more pics to post on here, but umm yeah...I tried y'all. Lol It was late and hot outside too...don't get me started on the struggle. Enjoy... :-)



7eventh Letter said...

This is so cute girl! I love how the colors come together!

7eventh Letter

Slow Southern Style said...

I love those green jeans! There's a clothing designer, Sheridan French, that featured a very similar outfit a few times this summer. I love that color combo, so fun and summery!

Toria said...

The colour combination is SUPER cute!! :)


The Annachrist said...

You are so stupid gorgeous and ridiculously well dressed

Krystle Michelle said...

Thank you all for your comments!!!! :)
Much love, Krystle

Shanequa said...

I love this color palette!!! You look really fab in this bold look. Lovely!


TeTe said...

I'm so in love with the color combination.. inspiration!

Found your blog via chic therapy.. Love you style


AngeliK hAlo said...

love the outfit soror!