:: Blazer - Ann Taylor, Blouse - Vintage Eva Laurel, Shoes - Vintage Keds Essentials (1980s) ::

It's amazing to me how the weather can have the craziest mood swings. 
Monday it was hot, last night it rained for like ten minutes, and today I felt like needed on a wool coat. Seriously, I swear it's a gamble everyday when trying to find something to wear...
Anyway, I don't want to bore you guys with words so I'm out.



t_Q_h said...

I love this fit Griggs!

Aschatria Xyana said...

Love it, great clothes, the blouse is really nice and colorful, but I was wondering do you have some pics of it in different colors or shades.
I'm into orange lately.

Any advice for match make up with orange striped tight tops?

Accessorizing You said...

Being an accessories junkie, I'd have loved to see a nice metallic brooch against that dark blazer.


Krystle Michelle said...

Aschatria - I think a neutral color palette would be best with orange, and with it being a striped top you don't want too much going on :)

Accessorizing You - This was a more casual/relaxed look for work. I didn't want to over do it with loud accessories. Maybe the next time you're feeling casual, try the look and add your metallic brooch to get that junkie look you love. :)