Hey all! If you follow me on Instagram, handle KrystleMii, you already know that I recently 
visited London, England and Paris, France. I have so many photos that I would love to share
with you guys from my trip BUT I don't want to overload you with my amature photography
and touristy photos. With that being said, I'll do a series of 3 posts that will include few pics
from both London and Paris. In this post, let's talk London!

I had an amazing time sight seeing, shopping in Oxford Circus, and just walking the streets of London . It was exciting to see all of the preparations being made for the 2012 Olympic games. GO USA! Unfortunately, the weather kind of put a damper on my hopes of getting great shots of certain landmarks. It was cold and rainy so I settled for a boat tour of the city on the Thames River. So if you see any water droplets in the photos, that's why. In the picture below, I was very comfy in my jeans, thrifted oversized blouse, vintage Ked's, and Forever 21 scarf.

Loved this! A blue painted phone booth with a mirrored silouhette of a shapely Queen!
I truly believe that this was made for me.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for these beautiful clear pictures. Love your look!