Krystle MichelleComment


Krystle MichelleComment

Sunday we took a visit to a local family pumpkin farm. Now, I’ve never personally been to a pumpkin patch, but it seemed to be something all the little kids do. So of course I didn’t want Keaton to miss out on it.


Let me tell you, I didn’t have a clue of what to wear to this farm. The weather was nice enough for something long sleeved, but not cool enough for a sweater. I don’t have your traditional “pumpkin patch” attire so yes, I wore a dress and sneakers. 


When we got there, Keaton couldn’t have been more bored and ready to go. He did enjoy seeing the farm animals, but he couldn’t have cared less about selecting a pumpkin to bring home. To round that up, I would say that Keaton likes sweet potato more than he does pumpkin.

On the bright side of things, eating is one of Keaton’s favorite things to do, so it was no surprise that he enjoyed the food at Little Spoon earlier that day. It was our first time eating there and won’t be our last.


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